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Welcome to GreenHill Parish

The beauty of Southern living is hard to describe, yet easy to recognize.  It is traditional, but warm.  Elegant, but never pretentious.  Like the beauty you will find in GreenHill Parish.  The developers teamed up with award winning designer Stephen Fuller to create a unique but Classic American Neighborhood well located in Northeast Columbia, South Carolina.

Richland County awarded GreenHill Parish with the Conservation Achievement Recognition for preserving valuable green space, protecting critical natural resources, and building healthy communities.  Thus, GreenHill Parish is a true green community that includes nine parks covering 55 acres.  Besides ample green space, park features include gazebos, fountains, arbors and heavy landscaping.  In addition to enjoying nature, residents entertain their friends and guests at the 3,000 square foot clubhouse and swimming pool.  Stephen Fuller designed these amenities and the developer's construction company, Greenfield Construction and Design, LLC built them.  The joint vision of the designer and the developer provides a superior residential lifestyle for the GreenHill Parish homeowners.  

Classic American styling, streetscapes and amenities that turn a collection of homes into a community of neighbors. What are you waiting for...come see for yourself the homes that are turning heads and winning hearts.

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Hello Fellow GreenHill Parish Neighbors!


 As of Thursday morning, May 15th, 2014, the pool at GreenHill Parish is officially open for use by the members of the Association and their accompanied guests.  Please make sure the patio furniture is in its original place and lock the chain when you leave the facility.  We must keep it secured when no one is using the pool and at night.

 The amenities of GreenHill Parish are intended for the sole use of the homeowners and their guest.  Due to insurance and liability restrictions, commercial use of the GHP facilities is prohibited.  Thank you in advance, and we hope you enjoy the facility this summer!

We would like to re-start a community newsletter for GreenHill Parish to be emailed or mailed 1st class to the residents on a quarterly basis.  Anyone interested in helping with the newsletter, please contact Rhonda Kirk at the GHP Sales Office/Clubhouse at 699-0015.  

Also, we appreciate your participation in organizing a social committee to plan community events, as well as a welcoming committee, to meet and greet the new residents of GreenHill Parish.  Please contact Rhonda Kirk at 699-0015.  Thanks for your help!






 GreenHill Parish Residents, please give us your email address for future correspondence Email to:   We would love to hear from you.











Tips for Being Green  -  When buying cleaning products, purchase products that are labeled green. Turn off your faucet when brushing your teeth. Time yourself when taking a shower and aim for 5 minutes or less. Use drip irrigation in your garden. Don't water your garden during the peak hours of sunlight, instead do it in the morning or at night. Buy fluorescent light bulbs. Don't eat meat at least one day a week. Turn the lights off when you leave the room. Turn off all electrical devices if leaving your room for more than 15 minutes. Don't leave your computer on all night. Use natural light from your window instead of turning on the lights. Wash only full loads of laundry.  Only take the amount of food you will eat. You can always have seconds.